Cable Types

Ninglan Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale cable enterprises in China. Ninglan produces long range of cables including XLPE Insulated Electric Cable up to 35kV, PVC Insulated & Sheathed Electric Cable,instrumentation Cable, Mining Insulated Cable, Aerial Cable, High-temperature Resistant Cable, Screen Cable, Marine Cable, prefabricated branch cable and other cable. Our products have been widely used in many industries such as electric power, waterworks, coal, petrochemicals, metallurgy, building, communications, transportation, and cities' infrastructure construction.

Cable Types
  • Lszh Cable
    Lszh Cable

    The LSZH cables don't release halogen gas and smoke concentration is low when the fire occured.Besides,it's fire-resistant ,heat resistant,and long life.what's more,it will not release poisonous gas.L...

  • Armored Power Cable
    Armored Power Cable

    The cable with steel tape armoured/steel wire armoured can resist strong mechanical forces. Both the chemical and oil resistance are excellent. It also is heat resistant and is applied widely....

  • Unarmored Power Cable
    Unarmored Power Cable

    Unarmored power cables for all types of installations: low voltage industrial connections, in urban networks, installations in buildings, etc. Flexible copper conductor, XLPE insulation and PVC sheath...

  • Aluminum Alloy Cable
    Aluminum Alloy Cable

    Aluminum alloy cable -its aluminum alloy self-locking armoured has a strong compressive performance and a perfect chemical stability.The process of laying is simple and convenient....

  • Overhead Cable
    Overhead Cable

    The overhead cable not only has the property of power transmission as the same as power cable ,it also has a strong mechanical property.Aging resistant is's a suited product for line main...

  • Control Cable
    Control Cable

    The control cable has the property of fire resistant and oil resistant.It not only can monitor circuit and protect line circuit also resist the external electromagnetic interference....

  • Wire Cable
    Wire Cable

    The wire cable is used in power transmission and information transmission.The reliability of power supply is high.These cable are designed to supply power to industries, household appliances,agricultur...

  • Conductor

    Conductor is the core of the cable ,In general, there are three types:copper,aluminum, aluminum alloy.the electrical conductivity of these conductor is excellent....

  • Fire Resistant Cable
    Fire Resistant Cable

    Fire resistant cable has the better capacity of fire resistant,The short circuit and broken circuit will not take place for a certain time when tne fire occured.they are guaranteed for the safety....

  • Power cable
    Power cable

    Power cable is adopted in transmission and distribution system of electricity.Due to the little influences by outside enviromental ,the reliability of power supply is very high....