Characteristics of Low Smoke Zero Halogen Electric Wire Cable


The traditional PVC electrical wire cable would produce amounts of toxic gases and smog when burning. Thus it not only affects the progress of relief work but also causes the second extra disaster to life and property.

While how to avoid the above disaster? It is a good idea to replace PVC cable with
LSZH/LSHF (low smoke zero halogen or halogen free) cable. And LSZH/LSHF has become the development direction of fire resistant cable.

The below is some characteristics of LSZH cable compared with PVC cable, and hope you have a better understanding of LSZH/LSHF cable.

1. Higher tensile strength (PVC wire: 1.05Kgf/mm2, LSZH wire: 1.2Kgf/mm2)

2. Excellent weather ability (-30~105)

3. Good softness (hardness: 80-90)

4. Without black toxic smog when burning (just little white smog)

5. Higher volume resistivity (PVC wire: 1012~1015Ω/cm3, LSZH wire: 1016Ω/cm3)

6. Resistant high voltage (PVC wire: 10kV,  LSZH wire: 15kV)

7. Good elasticity and stickiness