Eco-type Cable is the Theme of Cable Industry


During the processes of production, usage and waste treatment the conventional cable would produce amounts of public hazard substances such as dioxin, lead, cadmium and halide which have serious pollution to our environment. Luckily eco-type cable can avoid the above troubles with the below characteristics.

Firstly this kind of eco-type cable does not contain halogen (halogen free cable) so which would not produce harmful substances.

Secondly the eco-type cable has excellent flame retardant characteristic.

Last but not least the features of anti-ultraviolet and waterproof would retard the eco-type cable’s aging and extend its service life to some extent.

Relevant laws and regulations in China order large buildings and public places must install halogen free low smoke wire cables to avoid casualties by toxic smog in case of fire.

The essence of circular economy is to raise resources utilization rate through cleaning production technology. So electrician enterprises have to adjust resources management mode and stick to principle of re-utilization of rejected waste.

By and large eco-type cable (
HFFR Cable-halogen free fire retardant cable or lszh Cable-low smoke zero halogen cable) is the theme of cable industry and will enhance competitiveness in cable production.