Fire Resistant Cables: Application and Installation


Fire resistant cables can still maintain the normal work of the line for a period of time under the condition of combustion. That’s to say fire retardant cables would not burn immediately in case of fire which will keep regular power supply for some time. So this characteristic determines the importance of halogen free fire resistant cables in modern metropolises and industrial buildings.

Applications of Fire Resistant Cables:
Fire resistant cables are used for power supply circuits of emergency power supply, firefighting apparatuses, fire alarm equipment, ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment, emergency power socket, emergency elevators etc.

Fire Resistant Cables Installation Notices:
1. Fire resistant cables can’t be used as high temperature resistant cables.
2. Try to decrease numbers of cable joints in order to reduce its failure probability in fire accidents.
3. Choose class a fire resistant cable under conditions of intensive cable tunnels, cable interlayer or oil tubes, oil depots or any other flammable place.