What Should Be noticed when laying Electric Cable


1. The installation environmental temperature should not less than 0℃.
    (Low temperature resistant cable excepted)

2. The max. working temperature of PVC cable: 70℃
     The max. short-circuit temperature of pvc cable: 160℃ (max. 5 s)

3. The max. working temperature of xlpe cable: 90℃
    The max. short-circuit temperature of xlpe cable: 250℃ (max. 5 s)

4. The loading and unloading of cable must be used crane and forklift. Not to be laid flat.

5. When laying the bending radius of the cable should be greater than specified value.

6. The Min. Bending Radius:
    Single-core cable≥20(D+d)±5%(mm)
    Multi-core cable≥15(D+d)±5%(mm)

D: Actual external diameter of cable
d: Actual external diameter of conductor (mm)

7. Semi-conductive shielding layer must be stripped and insulation should not be damaged when installing cable termination joints.