Southeast Asian 9 Countries will Invest $24.6 Billion for Smart Grids Built from 2016 to 2026


The report released by foreign authoritative research institution said the total investments of smart grid in Southeast Asia 9 countries would reach to $24.6 in the year 2026.

The Southeast Asian 9 countries refer to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma.

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The report claims that the smart grid market of the Southeast Asia will develop rapidly in the next decade. The increment of electrification level in these regions will facilitate governments to speed up the deployment and implementation of the smart grids.

Singapore launched a nationwide smart grid deployment over the past few years. And Malaysia disclosed a plan to install 8 million smart meters. Whereafter Thailand also reported a plan for installing 1 million smart meters. Generally speaking most of Southeast Asian countries have begun to construct smart power grids.