Copper Cables

NINGLAN manufactures and supplies all kinds of quality copper cables including xlpe copper cable, pvc copper cable, armored copper cable and unarmoured copper cable from 0.6/1kv to 26/35kv, 1 core to 5 core. Looking forward to your inquiry.

Copper Cables
  • copper cable
    0.6/1kV Unarmoured Copper Cable

    0.6/1kV copper cables (cu cables) with pvc insulation or xlpe insulation are generally applied to power plant, industrial plant, mines etc. ...

  • copper cable
    0.6/1kV SWA Copper Cable (cu cable)

    The swa copper cables (cu/xlpe/swa/pvc cables) are well adapted to underground use with an additional mechanical protection. ...

  • copper cable
    0.6/1kV STA Copper Cable (sta cu cable)

    To be laid underground, the armoured copper cable (cu cable) could bear certain mechanical force, but it couldn't bear great pulling force....

  • copper cable
    MV SWA Copper Cable (swa cu cable)

    Our swa copper cable (swa cu cable) can be manufactured according to IEC standards or as customers' requirements with top quality. ...

  • copper cable
    MV STA Copper Cable (sta cu cable)

    The sta copper cables (sta cu cables) can bear certain external force. They are generally applied to the power plant, industrial plant and mines etc....

  • copper cable
    MV Unarmoured Copper Cable (cu cable)

    XLPE insulated unarmoured mv copper cables (cu cables) can be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, exposed outdoor etc....

  • copper cable
    XLPE Copper Cable (xlpe cu cable)

    The xlpe insulated copper cable can be manufactured as IEC standards or customers' requirements with top quality and factory price....

  • pvc copper cable
    PVC Copper Cable (pvc cu cable)

    The sta/swa armoured or unarmoured pvc copper cable is widely used in substation, power plant, mines etc. ...