fire retardant cable, HFFR cable
Cu/Mica Glass Tape/HFFR Cable (NC2XH)
NC2XH Halogen Free Fire Retardant Cable

Halogen Free Flame Retardant Cable, Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

CCC/UL/CE certificate
Reference Norm
  • CCC/UL/CE certificate about HFFR/LSZH cable
  • Halogen Free Fire Retardant (NC2XH/LSZH) cables have excellent properity of flame retardant and low smoke halogen free, provide maximum safety for people and electrical equipment. These cables are suitable for safety installations in public places.



    Conductor: Plain annealed copper
    Fire barrier: Mica glass tape
    Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
    Filler: Polypropylene rope
    Wrap tape: Non-woven fabric/Polypropylene tape 
    Inner sheath: Halogen free flame retardant compound
    Armour: Steel-tape armoured
    Outer sheath: Halogen free flame retardant compound (HFFR)


    Circular solid/stranded aluminum
    Excellent electrical and flame retardant properties
    Laid without the limit of different level
    Light weight, simple structure, installed and maintained easily and conveniently


    Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV
    The installation temperature should be above 0℃.
    Minimum bending radius: 15 x outer diameter
    Max. conductor temperature in service: 90℃
    Max. short circuit temperature: 250ºC (max 5s)
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