flexible rubber cable
Metallic Shielded Rubber Mining Cable
MYP 0.66/1.14kV

Metallic Shielded Rubber Sheathed Mobile Flexible Mining Cable

CCC/UL/CE certificate
Reference Norm
  • CCC/UL/CE certificate about mining cable
  • The shielded mining cable is suitable for motor device of mobile cable laying with rated voltage up to and including 0.66/1.14kV.



    Conductor: Plain annealed copper
    Insulation: Ethylene ropylene rubber (EPR)
    Metal screen: Soft copper-tape
    Outer sheath: Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)


    Excellent electrical property
    Excellent chemical stability, abrasion and oil resistance properties
    Light weight, simple structure, installed and maintained easily and conveniently


    The installation temperature should be above 0℃.
    Minimum bending radius: 6 x outer diameter
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