1.About NingLan


Specialized in manufacturing of Cables since 1996, Ninglan Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale cable enterprises in China, with total registered capital more than 100 million RMB, total assets 300.5 million RMB, and over 50 sales branches around China and the world.


Ninglan produces long range of cables including XLPE Insulated Electric Cable up to 35kV, PVC Insulated & Sheathed Electric Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Mining Insulated Cable, Aerial Cable, High-temperature Resistant Cable, Screen Cable, Marine Cable, Prefabricated Branch Cable and other cable. Complete quality testing equipment and strict testing system are the perfect guarantee of your goods. The company owns various general testing instruments and meters, so the users can be assured for the check.
Our products have been widely used in many industries such as electric power, waterworks, coal, petrochemicals, metallurgy, building, communications, transportation, and cities' infrastructure construction.


2.Why choose us?

Ninglan is a certified supplier of BV (Bureau Veritas), and also has passed the IEC 60502-2:2005(International Electro technical Commission) standard by SAC for adopting International Standard Product Making Certificate.


Our concern with the quality of our products and with the environment led us to maintain a strict quality control of our products. All the products have to test in the factory for each stop production. Except for this, XINKE set up a separately test Lab to inspect the good from the bulk production.


3.What we care for the clients?
> Choose the high quality raw material for the cable required.
Different insulation materials may be used depending on the characteristics of the cable required. The quality of an insulation material depends on two basic characteristics: its insulation capacity and its heat resistance.
The material’s insulation capacity and its thic-kness determine the cable’s maximum service
An insulation material with a high heat resis-tance allows the conductor to transmit morepower than the same cross-section with an in-sulation with a lower heat resistance. Several insulating materials may beused:PVC,EPR, XLPE, etc.


NingLan has wholesome and updated test facilities, which guarantee the production quality of each batch of goods, and fulfill the responsibilities for customers and safety.R&D>Our R&D department aims at transferring high technology in the field of cable and satisfy your requirements.


We have many researchers in the team, searching new products, developing new technology and perfecting our production line. They are experienced staff full of energy, creation and passion.
Our researchers focus on supplying technic support for production department and our clients, and stabilize products to increase profit and strengthen product competitiveness by quality control, technological transformation and product upgrade.
Our R & D Department, a creative and energetic team. And with their devoted spirits, we firmly believe that we can develop satisfying products according to the market's demands.


We take client care very seriously. We are proud to have some major international corporations as our key clients and we understand that client satisfaction is essential point for our cable developing advancement.